Traits of A Great Party Caterer

Kristina Montalto

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A good caterer will be courteous and know the right words to say to all people at the event, especially to you as the client. It’s absolutely vital the party caterer is taking the event seriously, whether it’s a wedding or birthday party. There should be a manner of professionalism where the party caterer takes their role seriously, gets what needs to be done accomplished, and isn’t goofing or slacking off but rather tending to all guests, taking their role seriously.

On Time

An event has a start and end time, so it’s necessary for all caterers to be present and ready at the start time. This can require a good party caterer to arrive preferably well before the beginning time.


There is another phrase that goes, “You earn more bees with honey,” and this couldn’t be truer for when it comes to how to treat guest at a catered affair. An exceptional party caterer will be respectful and decent to all.

Customer Service

Just like having a polite attitude, a great caterer will additionally provide excellent customer service by going out of their way to ask questions and tend to guests. They will truly care, move around, and be there for the guests. The best caterers will be invested in the event and make it a true experience for the client. Anything that the client and their guest needs, the caterer will try to make happen.


A truly good caterer will know how to take the lead and give proper direction. Letting the client shine and enjoy their event.

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