Professional Caterers: Allowing You to Enjoy Your Event

Kristina Montalto

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The event planning process is fun, partially due to the fact that you know what it’s leading up to.  When it comes time for the big day, you should be able to enjoy your hard work and relax.  That means no cooking, no waiting tables, and definitely no cleaning.  So why do all of the leg work only to have to keep busy the day of?  At Kristina’s Catering we believe that once you’ve made the decision to hire us, there should be very little else to take care of.


The hours that you can spend cooking before and during an event is absolutely criminal if you’re actually trying to enjoy yourself.  Between prep work, cook time, and plating, the time it takes for party dishes to actually come together will almost definitely take longer than the party itself. Once you’ve actually managed to cook everything you’ll need to feed your guests, it has to be warm and fresh when they’re ready to eat it.  This means time in the kitchen even during your event, and unless, oddly, that is where your event is being held, it’s not where you want to be.  Kristina’s Catering cooks all of the delicious food you’ll need for a successful event and has the ability to correctly time its preparation so you don’t have to.


Though planning an event can often be a labor of love, serving the food may err a little more on the “labor” side.  You’ve gone to the trouble of planning event, you should be served just as your guests are.  At Kristina’s Catering we have experienced bartenders and waitstaff who will serve your guests–and you–with kindness and efficiency.  Hiring a professional staff to do the serving for you not only allows you to sit back and enjoy your event, but also offers professional-level quality work that will only enhance your already fabulous party.
You’ve picked the venue, you’ve picked the theme, and you’ve picked your guests.  In other words, you’ve had to make a lot of decisions.  Now, make the most important decision of all and choose Kristina’s Catering to cater your event.  As a full service, on-site catering company, we’ll work during your event so that you don’t have to.

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