A la Carte



Chicken Parmesan Half Pan $75.0020 pieces
Full Pan $135.0040 pieces
Breaded Pork Chops Half Pan$35.0015 pieces
Full Pan$100.0040 pieces
Italian Chicken BreastHalf Pan$60.0020 pieces
Full pan$120.0040 pieces
Chicken Marsala Half Pan$75.0020 pieces
Full Pan$135.0040 pieces
Chicken Piccata Half Pan$75.0020 pieces
Full Pan$135.0040 pieces
Smoked Sausage and Kraut Half PanHalf Pan$70.00 20 people
Full Pan$130.0050 people
Italian Sausage w/ peppers & onionHalf Pan$60.0020 people
Full Pan$120.00 50 people
Roast Sirloin w/ GravyHalf Pan$60.0020 people
Full Pan$150.0050 people
Swedish Meatballs Half Pan$40.0020 people
Full Pan$100.0050 people
Buffalo wings Half Pan$45.00 30 Wings
Full pan$90.0060 Wings
Stuffed Cabbage Half Pan $55.0020 pieces
Full Pan $110.0040 pieces


Mostaccioli w/ Meat sauce Half Pan$60.0025 people
Full pan$85.0050 people
Mostaccioli w/ MarniraHalf Pan $50.00 25 people
Full Pan$70.0050 people
Mostaccioli w/ PalominoHalf Pan$40.0025 people
Full Pan$65.0050 people
Spaghetti w/ Garlic & OilHalf Pan$40.0025 people
Full Pan$65.00 50 people
Bowtie Alfredo Half Pan $55.0025 people
Full Pan $85.00 50 people


Green Bean AlmondinedinePan$35.0025 people
California Blend Pan$35.00 25 people
Golden Corn Pan$35.0025 people
Glazed CarrotsPan$35.00 25 people


Redskin Half Pan$35.0020 people
Full Pan$65.0050 people
MashedHalf Pan$35.0020 people
Full Pan$65.0050 people
PearlHalf Pan$37.0020 people
Full Pan$55.0050 people


Garden Salad w/dressing $40.00 Serves 20-25 people
Antipasto Salad$60.00 Serves 20-25 people
Greek Salad $60.00 Serves 20 -25 people
Cesar Salad w/ dressing$60.00Serves 20 –25 people
Chicken Caesar Salad$85.00Serves 20-25 people
Potato Salad$25.005lbs
Italian Pasta Salad$25.005lbs
Coleslaw$25.005 lbs
Orzo Salad$25.005lbs
Macaroni Salad$25.005 lbs
Rolls & Butter$3.50 per dozen
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray$60.0020-25 people
$100.0040-50 people
Fresh Vegetable Tray w/ Dip$45.0025-30 people
$80.0040-50 people
Domestic Cheese & Crackers$65.0020-25 people
$95.0040-50 people

We offer pick-up, drop-off and full service catering , please call for more details.