As always, we will continue to maintain proper hand-washing procedures within our kitchen among our culinary team and support staff. Inside, all counters, equipment handles, and faucets are being sanitized during hours of operation. Employees are now required to leave coats, bags, etc. outside the kitchen. Phones, headphones, etc. must all be sanitized at the point of entry. Outside water bottles, food, etc. are all banned. We are a 100% off-premise, made to order caterer (we bring the food to you). therefore we can control our sanitary environment much easier than places who serve the public in house.


Effective immediately, upon request, we will offer any of our corporate catering menu items in single-serve, individually packaged, grab-and-go containers with individual packaged eating utensils, thus reducing cross-contamination. For buffets and plated service, we will have individual salt and pepper packets instead of the salt and pepper shakers to avoid any cross-contamination. Throughout your event, our team will be wearing single-use gloves. For buffets, we will be serving all foods for the guests rather than the guests serving themselves. For plated service, rolls will be placed on the salad plate instead of a bread basket to avoid any cross-contamination. On our catering vans, we have hand-free dispensers of hand sanitizer. We also have washing stations available onsite for our team.


We do not use third-party delivery services like Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc. which allows us to make sure all our drivers are Food Safe Certified and abide by our policies for health and sanitation. Moving forward, all our delivery drivers will put on single-use gloves after entering your workplace and before setting up your order. We know that you rely on us for more than just great food, service and a friendly smile. The health and safety of your workplace, wedding and/or event, as well as ours, is of the utmost priority to us. We value your business and will continue to go above and beyond to provide the services you need.

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