Priced per Dozen, Min 3 Dozen per Selection

Cold Selections

Chicken Salad Puff, $48
Caprese Skewer, $36
Bruschetta, Olive Tapenade, $36
Antipasto Skewer, Mortadella, Olive, Mozzarella, Roasted Red Pepper, $48
Curried Chicken on Endive, $48
Hummus Shooter, Crisp Pita Chip, $36
Cucumber Cup, Smoked Salmon Mousse or Alouette Cheese, $36
Traditional Deviled Eggs, $36
Spicy Shrimp Pico on Endive, $48
Shrimp Cocktail Shooter, $60
Tenderloin Crostini, Horseradish Cream, $60
Sesame Noodle Box, Scallions, $48
Pad Thai Box, Chicken, $60

Hot Selections

Chicken Goujonettes, Spicy Buffalo Dip, $48
Spanakopita, $36
Sliders – Cheeseburger or Pulled Pork, $60
Coconut Shrimp, Spicy Pineapple Dip, $60
Maple Glazed Chicken Sausage, Pretzel Stick Handle, $48
Stuffed Mushroom, Spinach & Feta or Sausage & Parmesan Filling, $48
Coconut Chicken Bites, Dijon-Orange Marmalade, $48
Mini Crab Cake, Red Pepper Remoulade $60
Bite-Size Corned Beef Reubens, $48
Chicken Satay, Sweet Sake Glaze, $36
Bacon-Wrapped, Almond-Stuffed Apricot, $48
Mushroom & Blue Cheese Phyllo Cup, $36
Salmon Croquette, Dill Crème Fraiche, $60
Chicken on Mini Waffle, Maple Cream, $48
Parmesan Risotto Arancini, Marinara Dip, $36


The Gourmet Market, $8 per Guest

Domestic and Imported Soft, Semi-Hard, and Aged Cheeses, Dried Fruit, Toasted Nuts
Baguettes, Flatbreads, Crackers
Fresh Vegetable Crudité, Buttermilk Ranch Dip

Bruschetta Station, $8 per Guest

Toasted Baguettes with Dips:
Tomato Amoggio, Fire-Roasted Corn & Black Bean, Artichoke & Romano, White Bean & Roasted Red Pepper, Mushroom Duxelle

Antipasto, $9 per Guest

Marinated Artichokes and Olives, Roasted Red Peppers, Pickles and Pepperoncini,
Assorted Cured Ham, Salamis, Smoked Meats, Sliced Provolone & Mozzarella Cheese
Toasted Baguette, Cheese Straws, Gourmet Crackers

Shrimp Cocktail, $300 per Display

100 Pieces
Vodka-Infused Cocktail Sauce, Herbed Remoulade, Fresh Lemon Wedges

Sushi, $200 per Display

100 Pieces
Shrimp, Salmon, California, Vegetable Rolls
With Pickled Gari, Wasabi, Soy Sauce



Additional 20% Operational Charge for Full Service Catering
6% Michigan Sales Tax to all Food and Beverage Pricing